Vidmate Apk Download 2020

What Is VidMate?

VidMate app is a leading program for Android users to free download videos from popular video-sharing sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth. More than an online video downloader, VidMate also provides online video streaming function, enabling people to enjoy and download the latest HD movies and free music at no cost.

[VidMate for JioPhone]
As the launch of JioPhone (the most popular smartphone in India) and the dramatic increase of Indian users’ demands, it is noticeable that lots of JioPhone users are wondering whether they can download VidMate for JioPhone.

Vidmate Apk

Features of VidMate – VidMate Top 5 Using Tips

Before grasping the main feature – online video download function of VidMate, here are 5 highlighted features and user tips for you to know VidMate App more comprehensively.
  Built-in Search Function

By embedding a powerful search engine inside VidMate App, users now can access to more online video & audio resources without navigating between different apps for getting the URL of the video. Simply enter keywords to the search bar in VidMate, people can find everything they want.

Vidmate Apk

Free Share Function

VidMate has added a file free share function to the app, which enables people to share the apps, photos, videos, music, or files on the device to others inside VidMate. Also, you can receive shares from others freely, too.

Vidmate Apk

Hot Live Channel

As live videos are getting more popular today, VidMate also releases a Hot Live channel for users to watch some live videos such as host and game live. This is a great place for those who love playing video games, or want to get much fun from others’ host channels.

Live Channel

VidMate Moment

VidMate’s Moment feature allows users to share some instant daily photos and videos, working like a social media platform. You can also see what others are posting, even interact with them. VidMate helps people’s lives become more interesting.

NOTE: If you want to upload a post, you are required to download VMate App on your Android first.

Apps Downloader

Apps Downloader

As an all-in-one program, VidMate also plays as an Apps Downloader. In the Apps module on VidMate’s interface, you can discover lots of useful apps provided for downloading at no cost. VidMate Apps download is also a simple task and you just need to click on “Download” easily.


Vidmate Old Versions Download

When you update VidMate accidentally and want to use VidMate old versions instead, you can find some VidMate 2018 and VidMate 2017 APK provided in this part. VidMate old versions are all free for downloading.

How to Download VidMate App

Currently, if you search for VidMate APK on Google Play, you would fail to get it because it is not available on Google Play now. But you can still download VidMate App for Android with ease. Now head to the guide to see how to do that. 2.1 Download VidMate App for Android

 Download VidMate APK for Android
Directly click on the download button below to free download VidMate APK for Android.

STEP 2. Install VidMate App for Android
When you download VidMate APK on Android, go to the Downloads folder and click VidMate APK to install VidMate App for Android.

[NOTE] When you fail to install VidMate App
To protect the security of the user’s Android device and personal information, Android’s default setting does not allow to download unknown resources outside Google Play Store. To solve this situation, you can follow the steps below to install VidMate App on Android successfully.

* For Android Old Version
STEP 1. Go to Settings > Security on your Android device.
STEP 2. Enable Unknown Sources option.

* For the Latest Android Version
STEP 1. Go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Install unknown apps.
STEP 2. Scroll down to find the browser or application where you download VidMate APK from, for example, Chrome.
STEP 3. Enable “Allow from this source”.

VidMate setting

Download VidMate App for PC

Some people would prefer to use VidMate with a larger screen, for example, on PC. However, VidMate doesn’t release a PC version at present. Fortunately, by making use of Android emulator to PC first, you can use VidMate App on PC as you do on Android.
STEP 1. Download Android Emulator on PC
Firstly, download this powerful Android emulator – Bluestacks to your PC.

STEP 2. Download VidMate APK for Android
Now click on the download button below to download VidMate APK for Android to PC first.

STEP 3. Install VidMate App
When you get VidMate APK for Android, now open Bluestacks and transfer the APK to the emulator. After that, VidMate APK will be installed in the emulator automatically. Then you can use it as an Android device.

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Download VidMate App for iOS

Although many iOS users really want to use VidMate on iPhone/iPad to enjoy the excellent online video streaming as well as downloading functions, it is a pity that VidMate still hasn’t launched an iOS version at present. By now, VidMate is only available on Android and PC.

3. VidMate App for JioPhone

Since the launch of JioPhone’s 4G feature on July 21, 2017, online video streaming has become a popular entertainment in India. As the data showed, online video streaming ratio grew with incredible speed, and people now begin to find out some ways to save these online videos for offline playback due to the high expense on mobile data or poor network condition. 

Therefore, the well-known VidMate would be many people’s first choice to stream online videos as well as download them. But how to download VidMate app for JioPhone?

VidMate App for JioPhone

As there have been so many YouTube tutorials on how to download VidMate for JioPhone, but if you have clicked into each of them, you would find that VidMate cannot be downloaded on JioPhone actually. Even you have download VidMate APK on JioPhone, when you head to Settings > Downloads and click on VidMate APK to try to install it, you can only receive a notice, showing that VidMate is not supported on your phone yet.

It’s a great pity that VidMate for JioPhone is not available currently, but you still have other 2 ways to download YouTube videos on JioPhone.

Download YouTube Videos to JioPhone with VidMate Online Downloader

Back to the top of this page, you would find that this site works more than an informative website, which is also equipped with an online video downloader. This VidMate online video downloader allows JioPhone users to download YouTube or other online videos freely at no cost, all you need are just your JioPhone, the YouTube video URL, and your finger! Now, let’s dive right in the guide.

STEP 1. Open YouTube Video and Copy Its URL
Open YouTube App on JioPhone, or you can directly head to YouTube in browser. Then search for the YouTube video you want to download. Open the page and copy its URL.

STEP 2. Paste the Link to VidMate Online Downloader
When you get the YouTube video URL, now back to VidMate online downloader and paste the URL to the download bar on the homepage. After that, hit the “Download” button.

STEP 3. Select Output Format and Quality
When the output selections are loaded, select an output format as well as output quality for the YouTube video you are going to download. Finally, simply submit downloading by clicking on “Download” button. Then the YouTube video will be downloaded to your JioPhone, and you can stream it offline even without network connection!

[Simple Trick] Download YouTube Videos to JioPhone with One-shot

If you find it troublesome to switching between apps or pages, this method is suitable for you. You can download YouTube videos with online one-shot without navigating between pages manually. How to do it?

STEP 1. Open YouTube Video Page
Open a browser and go to YouTube to find the YouTube video you are going to download, and open the page of the video.

ATTENTION: Remember to open YouTube in JioPhone browser instead of using YouTube App.

STEP 2. Add “paw” to the Video’s URL
Now edit the URL of the YouTube video – change “m” into “www” and add “paw” after “youtube”, just like “”. When you finish editing, press the submit key.

STEP 3. Download YouTube Video to JioPhone
After submitting the URL, now the page will redirect to a video download page. Scroll down the page and you will see various output selections for the videos. Just select the one you prefer and click on “Download” to save the YouTube video to JioPhone.

YouTube Video to JioPhone

How to Use VidMate Downloader

4.1 How VidMate Downloads Videos from Video Sites

As a powerful video downloader, VidMate App supports to download videos from different video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use VidMate to download videos from different video sites. Start reading now. How to Download YouTube Videos

STEP 1. Launch VidMate App for Android and go to YouTube on VidMate homepage.
STEP 2. Search for the YouTube video you want to download and open the video page.
STEP 3. Click on the red bubble download button in the lower right corner, then select an output format as well as output quality for the video you are going to download.
STEP 4. Hit “Download” button and VidMate will download the YouTube video for you automatically.

VidMate Downloader

How to Download Facebook Videos

STEP 1. Open VidMate App for Android and go to Facebook inside VidMate. Login with your Facebook account.
STEP 2. On Facebook’s timeline, when you discover a video, you can find a download button set on the video. If you want to download the Facebook video, simply click on it.
STEP 3. On the pop-up menu, you can rename the Facebook video first because in most cases, the title of the video will be set in messy code by default. After this, select the output format and click on “Download”.
STEP 4. When the download is completed, you will find the downloaded Facebook video in VidMate’s download history.

 Download Facebook Videos

How to Download Instagram Videos

STEP 1. Open VidMate App and click on “More” to go to Instagram. Login with your Instagram account.
STEP 2. When you find the Instagram video you want to download, go to its page.
STEP 3. Hit the red download button in the lower right corner. When a pop-up window appears, you can rename the video.
STEP 4. Finally, click on “Download” button to save Instagram video to VidMate on Android.

Download Instagram Videos

How to Download WhatsApp Videos

STEP 1. Launch VidMate App on Android and go to WhatsApp to login.
STEP 2. Switch to Status section. When there are videos listed, you can click on it and there will be a red download icon in the lower right corner.
STEP 3. Click on the download icon and submit downloading after renaming the video. Then the WhatsApp video can be simply saved on Android.

Download WhatsApp Videos

How to Download Tumblr Videos

STEP 1. Go to Tumblr in VidMate App for Android, then login with your account.
STEP 2. Search for the Tumblr video you’d like to download and open it, then you can see a red bubble download icon in the lower right corner. Click on it.
STEP 3. Select the output format for the Tumblr video you are going to download and click on “Download”.
STEP 4. Then the Tumblr will be added to download history in VidMate. Back to VidMate homepage and click on the icon in the upper right corner to check if the Tumblr video is well downloaded.

Download Tumblr Videos

How to Download Free Movies

There are lots of free movies resources on VidMate, which are available for users to stream online or download for offline playback. For those who cannot connect to Wi-Fi or have poor network condition, downloading VidMate free movies would be a good choice. As a result, we provide a full guide here to show you how to download free movies on VidMate.

STEP 1. Launch VidMate on Android and navigate to Movie module in the interface.
STEP 2. Scroll down the page to select a movie you want to download for offline playback, and open its page.
STEP 3. VidMate will provide several download option for you. Just select one and click on the download icon to save the free movie to the local folder.

How to Download Free Movies

How toDownload Free Music

Except for movie resources, there are also many free music playlists provided in VidMate App. Follow these steps to get them downloaded now.

STEP 1. Switch to Music module on VidMate App homepage.
STEP 2. Scroll down and select a music playlist. Click into the playlist to see which songs you want to download.
STEP 3. Click on the download icon and the music will be added to download list automatically. You can also stream the music online.

 Download Free Music


Can I download VidMate on Google Play?

Currently, VidMate is not available for download on Google Play due to its policy. But you can download VidMate from this site or other well-known app stores such as 9Apps, Uptodown, APKpure, etc. Here some download accesses have been provided:

How to contact the VidMate team?

You can contact the VidMate team to VidMate’s official Facebook:

What should I do if VidMate doesn’t support the site I want?

If you found that the site you want to download video from is not supported by VidMate, you can contact the VidMate team to add.

Can I Upload My Videos to VidMate?

VidMate is glad that you are willing to share videos with them. However, at present, VidMate does not support uploading videos as other social media platforms do. But VidMate may do so in the future.

Why does the Download stop at 99%?

This case will happen while you are downloading the video in 480p/1080p/mp3 or other formats, especially YouTube videos. It results from that video download requires an add-on named Media Converter. Therefore, when the first time you try to download YouTube videos, this plugin will be downloaded automatically.

* If the download stops at 99%, it’s mainly due to that the plugin hasn’t been installed properly. Try to restart the task to download it. If it fails to work, head to Me > Settings > Clear Cache to clear cache data on VidMate. Then re-launch VidMate and try to download the video again.

* If the case still exists, update your VidMate to the latest version or reach VidMate on Facebook to give feedback.

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